Fred Nii Addo

Support Worker

Fred Nii Addo is my preferred name, but my original name is Fredrick Kpakpo Addo.
I am a Ghanaian master dancer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and choreographer based in Victoria who has toured 22 states of the USA, Israel, Sweden, New Zealand empowering and uplifting people and their communities throughout the world by sharing my love of music, dancing and Ghanaian culture.
I am a peace ambassador for Multicultural Art Victoria and the Universal Peace Federation aiming to promote peace and unity through music.
I spend much of my time sharing my love of music and drumming in particular with people especially with kids in my schools’ program and love nothing better than performing with my friends and band “One Spirit Africa”.
Combining Ghanaian lyrics with English and performing traditional African rhythms with vibrant percussive styling, One Spirit Africa features traditional West African drums, xylophone and flute along with contemporary keys, guitar, bass, drum kit and horns to present an authentic percussive performance.
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My hobbies are to create laughter, joy and positivity throughout the world.

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