Disability Support Worker

G’day! My name is Iain

I’m a 33 year old father with a cert 4 qualification in disability, spouting an ambitious yet easy going nature.

I have a passion for supporting and inspiring the best in others around me. I’m great at both team work and leadership. Whilst I work daily on myself with personal development, I also embrace my natural goofy/fun persona.

In the disability field, my aim is to provide personalised support for my clients and work with them to be their best selves. I am excited to work with AmAble and their inclusive environment to facilitate shared values and visions for those we engage together.

As someone that was bullied for being different through my childhood and teens, I can understand the impact of being empowered in these crucial years and growing skills needed to excel in life. Bringing lived in experience and tailoring that with my clients, I work on meeting goals, encouraging open communication and growth of confidence.

My hobbies and interests include: Family, friends, my 3 cats, Gaming (PC and console), Bodybuilding/ fitness/ outdoor adventures & activities, cooking up delicious burgers or a spag bol, traveling, being creative and trying new things with a positive mindset.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to meeting and getting to know you soon.