Disability Support Worker


I'm Millie, a young adventurous woman who loves the beach and aims to soak up all the amazing experiences life has to offer. I truly believe in seeing the beauty in everything and enjoying the little moments and hope to bring this to my job with AmAble.

I discovered this job after completing my Certificate 4 in Disability Studies and am so ready to have a job that fulfils me and my mission to help others also. Through the course I learnt so much about empowering people, breaking down barriers and creating a safe space for people to express themselves authentically and confidently which I believe aligns with my own skill set.

My passion for including others goes back to my mum saying I must share my toys with my sisters to get dessert, and I have been striving for it ever since. I adore my family and friends and spend most of my time enjoying the connections I have with them but I live by the quote "a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet", so I can't wait to meet new people and support them in achieving their goals.

I aspire to be really awesome and can't wait to meet some brilliant people with the same goal. Hope I see you soon :)